The Most Effective Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

If you’re a picture addict, then you surely have an Instagram account. You just can’t wait to upload your next picture to try and impress your followers. Maybe if you upload all kinds of pictures to give your followers the variety you think they are going to love the number will grow, but you notice that your followers aren’t growing as much as you would like. You try all sorts of tips that your friends gave you, but nothing seems to work.

Before you give up and think about closing your Instagram account, there are some tips and tricks on how to increase your Instagram followers you should know about. By following these tips, you will hopefully get the fans you are looking for and finally become the Instagram Superstar you have always wanted to be.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Have you ever considered holding a contest? People love winning things, even if the prize is not a million dollars. You can try posting a picture that will promote the contest you’re having, and for users to enter, they will have to like it.

If you’re not into contests, you can try making your account easier to find. How are you going to get more followers if people can’t find you, right? Try announcing your Instagram account on other social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. If you’re willing to spend some cash, you can also try some paid advertising, which always gets you out there more.

Are you linking your Instagram account in things such as your Email signature, Newsletter or your website? If the only thing people have to do to access your Instagram account is click on a link, all you have to do is sit back and watch the numbers grow.

Get More Followers on Instagram

You can’t expect everyone to follow you if you don’t follow them back. Try following other accounts and commenting on what they post. Tell them how great that picture of their dog is or how fantastic that picture on the sunset is. By doing that, they will feel that their work is appreciated and might even return the favor.

Knowing your that type of following you want is also important. If the type of followers you want are 9 to 5 people, then it’s not such a good idea to post your picture at 10 am, right? Try posting before or after work or maybe even during their lunch break, everyone checks their phone on their lunch.

Whatever you do, don’t post once a month. You need exposure and the more you post, the better. Did you know that the top brands post at least once a week? The more people see your pictures, the higher the chances are that they will see one that they will like and comment on it and follow you. Be careful not to post pointless images. No one likes an account with dull images that no one is going to like. Quality will beat quantity any time.

The Do’s and Don’t of Using Hashtags on Instagram

Get More Followers on Instagram

An excellent way to give your Instagram account the exposure it needs is by correctly using hashtags. By using them, you have a bigger chance of non-followers finding your account. Find what is trending on Instagram and use it. Don’t be afraid to also create your own hashtags. The popular ones didn’t create themselves, why can’t you be the one that creates the next popular hashtag?

Keep everything under control and don’t get too hashtag happy. If you go overboard, you will distract your audience, and you won’t get your message across. Avoid the hashtag gimmicks if you can and don’t use hashtags such as #likeforlike or anything similar. If you do this, you won’t get people who are really interested in your product.

Don’t forget to Use Captions

If you use the captions correctly, you will definitely notice an increase in your Instagram followers. Go ahead and ask questions. Use a call to action and if you ask a question that will motivate people to leave a comment. If the post becomes popular, you’ll get more exposure and of course, more followers. Tagging users is also a must increasing your Instagram followers. For example, say something like: ” Tag someone who needs to relax!” Other Instagram users will surely have someone in mind and tag them, and that will give you more exposure and a higher possibility of getting more followers.

Help Out The New Guy

Millions of accounts are created every minute, and there will always be someone new. If you follow them, like their content and even comment on them. They could be so grateful for your help that they could even return the favor and do the same for you. It just takes your account being seen by that one very popular Instagram user to give you the boost you need. You never know, that popular guy might also like the new guy and voila!


There are millions of things you can do to help your Instagram account, but hopefully, the ones that I have mentioned will give you the boost you are looking for. No matter how grim things might look, don’t ever give up on your goal. Remember that you won’t get the results you want overnight and that you will need to work hard for it.

But, if you are persistent and do your homework, you will get those much needed Instagram followers. How are you increasing your Instagram followers? Share your advice in the comments.

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