Record Calls with Advanced Call Recorder: Get more than a Call Recorder

With a search like ‘Android call recorder’ or ‘call recorder’, you usually get an app which will record all your incoming and outgoing calls. What if you get more with the same search? Yes, Advanced Call Recorder has got more features than to just record calls.

Our search for best call recorder app revealed Advanced Call Recorder has best features in the lot. Therefore, we could not stop but wrote this write up for this Android call recorder. Read on and know it’s incredibly modest features.

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Advanced Call Recorder

Advanced Call Recorder

What we found impressive about this call recorder were its advanced setups. It has got multiple languages and fonts, advanced security, and above all, it is also a free voice recorder. Unlike any other call recording app, this app never bothers its users. It’s free and is enriched with a high user interface. You can dismiss call recording even in the middle of call with just a click. Below is complete review of the app with its functionalities.


Voice Recording

Advanced Call Recorder

This is the first feature we came across about this app. When you setup the app, you will be given a legal warning, which you need to accept if your country and state allows call recording. Then the home screen allows making voice recordings. Tap on the blue mic icon and record voice with Advanced Call Recorder. Stop it when you are done and save the file. This file will be saved in voice recordings which can be later viewed from files. We loved this feature. This saves from downloading another app for voice recording. Hats off to the makers for giving all this in one app!


Advanced Call Recorder

Files contain voice recording and call recordings. These are categorized well. Tap on either of the options and review the files in it.

Advanced Call Recorder

Settings: The Highlight of the App

We then noticed settings on the top right corner, which are absolutely startling. These are listed below!

Advanced Call Recorder

  • First and foremost it asks you to record calls automatically, which all other call recording apps do. Tap on the first option, which will further let you select the second option for confirming before saving. We found these preferences good.
    Second you are given an alternative to creating an ignore list in the app itself. Add a contact in this list with which you don’t want to record calls. This is a highly impressive feature. Bravo for this!
  • Next is the block list. This is again commendable. List any contact in this list and avoid getting calls from the contact number.
  • Now comes file security. Secure your files with a pattern or password. We haven’t seen this security in any of the call recording apps so far. Here again, Advanced Call Recorder made us call it one of best apps so far.
    Now came file format. This phone call recorder allows you to keep your files in either of the formats. We preferred keeping our files in MP4 format.
  • Next preference lets you see the number of files your inbox carry. You can record 50 files in the free version and unlimited in pro version. Also, you can upgrade to the pro version from this app only. Therefore, you don’t have to again do all brainstorming to find this app in play store.
  • Then are listed the fonts. 6 kinds of fonts are made available. Select any of them and use the app in the font style you like. We liked it this change.
  • Last but on the least, you are provided with inbuilt languages of the app. Switch to either of the language and enjoy using Advanced Call Recorder.

Advanced Call Recorder

These were its listed settings, now what we found was beyond impressive. Advanced Call Recorder lets to create reports of all recordings that have been recorded with this call recorder. As of now these reports has only viewing option, but it has raised our expectations from developers to enable more options for these reports. We are badly waiting for this update now, woo!

Other than this, calls recorder with Advanced Call Recorder can also be shared, rated and feedback can be given. In the nutshell, this app can’t fail to fulfill the purpose and will certainly impress all its users. If you are looking best Android call recorder, then don’t wait much and download Advanced Call Recorder.


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  1. This isn’t a comment as much as a question. Do you know if Advanced Call Recorder can record calls from Wifi-, VoiP- and SiP-enabled devices? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on which I can record most calls through a basic Call Recorder app, but it doesn’t record calls from the aforementioned types of devices?

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