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We use Word editor to create text documents and we save them as a PDF document to protect them and keep their original look on every device and OS. While a Word document can be easily saved as PDF, the other way around, convert PDF to Word can’t be done without some third-party app, service or editor software.

With increasing usage of smartphones, we are used to get more things done on the move, so naturally, there should be a mobile solution to convert PDF to editable Word document. PDF to Word Converter App for iOS, available for both iPhone and iPad, allows you to easily convert PDF documents on the go. When you convert your file, you can then open the file on your phone in some text editing app like Pages or MS Word and edit it further. Learn more about apps features and how to manage your documents more effectively using this iPhone app.

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User-Friendly Interface

PDF to Word offers straight to the point and clean user interface, where all functionalities that you need are placed neatly on its front screen. There is almost no need to enter any additional settings or options to perform the conversion. Just open the app, select the file, wait for the conversion to finish and open your converted file. It is easy as it gets.

PDF to Word Converter

Integrated Cloud Services

Given that nowadays most of the files are stored in the cloud, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this app is connected with all of the major cloud services, such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. All of them are positioned in the upper half of the screen, so you don’t need to look for them. Once you sign in to your account from the app, you can then scroll through all PDFs available for conversion.

Convert Gmail Attachments

Converting Gmail attachments can be a real time saver because it can help users avoid messy email threads when they look for a file they need to convert. No need to download the PDF attachment, then open it in the app. Instead, use this one-step process that saves the memory along the way. This feature enables you to see all PDF documents listed in one place, so it makes it easier to find the one you need.

PDF to Word Converter

OCR Engine

The OCR engine allows conversion of scanned PDFs, for instance, like those made with scanner apps. Basically, it can recognize text from picture-like PDF documents and export it into Word document. With this feature, PDF to Word Converter can convert any type of PDF file that you have. It would be great if this app could be used as a scanner, so you can create scanned PDF and convert it to Word for immediate editing.

Server Conversion

PDF to Word performs conversions on the servers, so once you select the file, it is uploaded to their servers. In that way, the conversion doesn’t affect the phone’s battery life and or its performance. It is also one of the main reasons why this app is light-weight, only 52.6 MB. Once the files are on Cometdocs conversion servers, they are automatically converted, sent back to the user and deleted from the server afterward.

Our Experience

We have found this app very useful. This is an example that good things come in a nice package considering the overall user experience and intuitive interface that this app has. The functionality, although very simple, delivers on the promise to successfully convert any PDF, scanned or regular, to a Word document.

The cloud support is more than useful, we have found ourselves using it time and time again, and it makes the whole process more on the fly. OCR conversion is great, it does an excellent job converting scanned PDFs. Although I would prefer if there is an option to directly import screenshots or images to the app, instead of using some other app to scan a document and then open it in PDF to Word Converter.

This app is free to download and free to use unlimited times, even though there is a certain waiting time that sometimes takes too long to convert some files. If you have just a few files to convert, then you will find that this free version does a great job. However, if you are working with a lot of documents, then it would be better to upgrade to fast conversions in order to boost your productivity. This is not a subscription-based model, you just pay once and you have the fast conversions for unlimited time.


Overall, the PDF to Word Converter is a great app for everyone who is looking for a solution to edit PDF on the go. It does a good job with converting your files and it can help you with your document management on your iPhone. What are your thoughts on this app? Share your experience in the comments.

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