What is a 7z file? How to Open 7z Files

When you get files, you can get data, documents,… with the format .ZIP or .7z files. These are compressed files that are created to take up reduced space of hard drive and take several files throughout one single file.

The 7z file extension is an archive format that can be used to compress files into a single compressed package. This format is similar to zip, but often better for compressing large files with many parts. If you are not using that program or if you don’t have it installed then this article will show you what to do.

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What is a 7Z File?

7Z File is the file with the 7Z file extension, and 7-Zip packages is a standard modern Open Source file archiver developed by Igor Pavlov. Released in 1999, providing data compression protocols that feature native UTF-8 support for fields, AES encryption, volume spanning, and greater data compression ratio.

In most cases, WinRar’s little-known RAR format is also better than the competing ZIP and 7z formats. However, it is more storage and CPU intensive.

open or extract 7z files

Here are some useful methods to help you compress and unzip .ZIP and .7z files. To get a .ZIP or .7z file, it really will do one of two things: ask you in which you want to save it on your PC, Laptop, or save onto a default directory, like your Downloads folder.

You can decide exactly where it has saved to by going to the window with all of your saved files in your browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari…). Just right-click on the folder, and select “Open Containing Folder” or “Show in Folder.”

what is 7z

When you need to use a file inside the .ZIP or .7z file, you will need to extract those files before launching. You may do this by right-clicking the .ZIP or .7z file, and click on “Extract here” or “Extract files to …”.

That will then open up a Windows Explorer program default in which you may select the place you need the files to be uncompressed too.

I would recommend getting a new folder in that directory, and then double-clicking on it and extracting the files here.

what is 7z

How To Open/Extract a 7Z File?

The simplest method to open a 7Z file is to double-click on those files which you want and let your PC, Laptop choose which default program will open the file. Then, you can see all content inside 7z files, and you need to extract it from the archive to use.

open 7z files

If no program opens the 7Z file, then you need to install 7-zip via the video tutorial below.

How to create a 7zip file?

To make a .7z or .ZIP file, just right-click on the files you need. Then select 7-zip >> Click Add to archive.

open 7z files

At the Add to Archive of 7zip Tools interface, you can set a place to save a 7z file, set an id, the password, etc. like the image below.

open/extract 7z files

Finally, just click OK to make the 7z file on your PC or Laptop. That’s All.

See video tutorial How to open 7z files on Windows

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