How to Hide Pictures, App Icons and Files on Android

Surely you have pictures, files or videos that you don’t want anyone to see. Maybe you have childhood pictures of you with that horrible haircut or a video of that failed jump between handrails.

Whatever it is that you don’t want anyone to see, you are going to see more security than the password to unlock your phone. Why? Because someone might ask to use your phone because the battery on their phone died. Curiosity gets a hold of them, and they start to wonder to apps such as your gallery.

How to Pictures, App Icons And Files on Android

You can easily hide those personal pictures by downloading the Hide Pictures KeepDafe Vault app. It’s free to download from Google Play at it has over 10 million downloads. When you first open the app, it guides you through all that you can do on the app.

The app has four section; Main Album, Cards&IDs, Significant other, and Videos. Let’s say that you want to hide a video and make it disappear from your device public gallery. Tap on the Video album and on the bottom right-hand corner you are going to see a circle with a plus sign in the middle.

Hide Pictures, App Icons and Files on Android

Tap on the circle and choose how you want to add the video. You can either decide to import files, import from the gallery and take a photo. Here you want to tap on import from gallery option and only choose what you want to import.

If what you want to import are pictures, just repeat the process but this time, tap on the photos album. It’s the same process.

How to Hide All Kinds of Files on Android

A great way you can hide all kinds of files is through a file Explorer such as ES File Explorer. It is a very popular app that you probably already have on your phone. The first thing you need to do is open the app and scroll until you see the file that you want to hide.

Once you have found it, you are going to see an arrow pointing to the right. Tap on it, and you will see all the files you have on that folder. Long-press on one file to then be able to select other files you want to hide.

Hide Pictures, App Icons and Files on Android

In the bottom right-hand corner, tap on the three vertical dots and towards the top choose Hide. The files you have selected will then automatically disappear.

How can you see the files you have hidden?

In the upper left-hand corner of the main page, tap on the hamburger icon. Now, scroll down until you see the Show hidden files option. When you want to see your hidden files toggle it, but when you want to hide them again, toggle it off. It’s that easy.


Unfortunately being surrounded by people that just need to snoop around our files is something you have to deal with. If a family member of friend has the tendency of asking you if they can use your phone to make a local call, now you don’t have to worry about them seeing files that they shouldn’t.

As you can see, the methods for hiding pictures, video, all kinds of files is easy as pie. You can keep your files private without spending a single dime. How do you hide your files? Let me know in the comments.

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