Easily Manage All your Online Files With Vaultedge

You use so many apps to keep your files organized, that you probably have a million tabs open, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Etc. You need easy access to all of them, so you think you have no choice but to keep all those tabs open right? Wrong!

Meet Vaultedge

easy access to miltiple files

Vaultedge is a service that allows you to sync various online accounts (like the previously mentioned) so you can manage them by using one single platform. With this app, you have access to your stored documents, whether they are in the cloud or on your hard drive and full access to your Emails by using only one application.

The app synchronizes with your cloud-stored documents, including the attachments your Emails. Besides being able to add tags to your documents, Vaultedge also organizes all your data into categories and lets you easily access them. That way, finance documents are obviously going to be in the Finance category. No one like shaving to waste time trying to remember where they think they left the file, right?

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Search for Documents by keywords

You can look for your files by using keywords, numbers, content, and in some cases only by using the context. For the time being, Vaultedge is only compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. If you don’t see a service you use, not to worry, hopefully, the app will add it in the future. The App is still in its Beta version, so that means that it will continue to improve as time passes.

Vaultedge 2

You can register for free and use four of the supported services, but your files are only going to be available for two months since it is a paid app after that. It gives you those two months so you can see if the app is for you. If you do like it after trying it out, the monthly payments are very small.

What you have to pay to use the app is not much for all the stress it avoids you. You can either choose a plan that goes from $3-$5 a month and with that you gain unlimited access, support, and more features.

What Platforms You Can Use Vaultedge

Vaultedge is only available on desktop, but the company is working on a Windows app and an Android app as well. The app didn’t leave Mac and iOS users out since they do have plans to add support for you too, but for now, there is no exact date.

The team does have plans to add service such as Evernote, Slack, Etc, but if you have a preference you can Email the team and suggest a service, you would like them to add.

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If you’re interested in knowing how the app collects your info, it explains that after you give it read-only access, it reads and tags them in the right category. The app uses state of the art machine learning to group your documents. It also creates a search Index, but only with the name of the file, the location info, the category and after, the app saves your document.

Vaultedge Encrypts Your Data


If you decide to keep a copy of your data with Vaultedge, you can sleep worry-free since the app will encrypt your data. The site uses HTTPS when it transfers files, and the is stored in Google’s Data Center.

Vaultedge unifies all your documents from various places, but if you know that the document is in Gmail, you can filter by a service or file type. That way, it’s easier to find what you are looking for. When you do locate the file you are looking for you can either preview, download or go to the source of the document.

If you don’t like the tag your documents has, you can always change it, or you can also add various tags to it.

If you want to use Vaultedge, you need to sign up at Vaultedge’s official sites. Type in your name and your mail and click on the red Request Now button. This will let the team know you are interested in trying the app out, even though it’s in its early stages.


Vaultedge is an app that has a lot to offer, and once it spreads its wings, it will offer even more. Stop wasting time searching for a document in various platforms. With this app, you can easily find what you are looking for from a single platform. Do you think that you are going to give the app a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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