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Save yourself some data loss grief by investing in the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Edition. It is a friendly solution for both IT professionals and the novice in computer technologies. To say the least, it covers nearly every aspect that surrounds data loss. From formatting hard disks, deleting files, a virus attack, operating system crash, and partial loss, this software can handle everything you throw at it.

Supported Devices

It is a reliable Windows and Mac data recovery wizard which works for laptops, PCs, SD cards, servers and the like. Even better, the software is user-friendly such that anyone can use it.

PC Data Recovery

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard performs efficiently to recover data from internal and external hard drives and SSD (solid-state drive) on your computers, laptops, and servers. It works on completely or partially lost data.

Memory Card and USB Drive Recovery

The data recovery wizard makes it easy for you to recover lost files from a corrupted or damaged memory card or USB drive. Either from a virus attack or accidental deletion, you can perform the process on CF cards, SD cards, memory sticks, micro SD card, pen, drive, flash drive and other removable media storage devices.

Digital Devices

The software does not stop on computer related devices. If you use an iPhone, iPod, Android smartphone, a digital camera or a video and music player like DVD players, you can still recover your lost audio, emails, photos and other media types.

To recover data on your system, the wizard scans your device. The various scan options available include:

Quick Scan

It works for files just deleted as the first attempt to recover the lost data. Here you have the option to undelete the files you want including Office Word, PDF, Excel PPT files and those just emptied from the recycle bin.

Deep Scan

In the case of a formatting error, this software performs a deep scan which recreates the lost data. It does this by searching the hard drive sector by sector, hence identifying the formatted partition. This process also recovers inaccessible data as a result of formatting errors.

This software has a user-friendly interface.

1. You can filter the file type before scanning to save time

2. It allows previewing of recovered files before you save to the required location

3. You can pause the scan process to export or import a file without starting the procedure again

In three easy steps, you’ll get back any lost data.

Launching the software

1. After you have installed the recovery software, double clicking on its icon starts it right away.

2. The navigation process is straightforward where it asks which type of file you want to recover. Here you choose from audio, video, documents, emails, archived files and the like.

3. After you choose, it opens a window where you select the drives and connected storage media from where you want to scan the lost data.

Scanning Process

Here you choose either the quick scan to recover deleted files or deep scan for formatted and partially lost data.

Recover Lost Data

After completing the scanning process which is pretty fast, the interface asks you to confirm whether the data you recovered the files you intended. It guides you on how to repeat the process until you have back your files. After you get what you are looking for, simply transport the file to your ideal location and save it.

It has the Safest Data Recovery Methods

In case your computer is unbootable after data loss, it has bootable media emergency kit for use with any missing data you could have stored on the system’s disk. This way, the data is safe from overwriting in the case of secondary damage. It gives you the capability of cloning the hard drive to enable booting and systems resume.

It supports over twenty languages, so you don’t have an excuse not to invest in the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It provides use in English, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Designed for Everyone

The ease and simplicity of the data recovery process make this software a major attraction in business, service providers, IT professionals, consultants, system admin, companies, and organizations. You do not need any prior knowledge in data recovery to use this software.

It is affordable on a Budget

Software that is user-friendly is usually at an upscale price. But for the EaseUS, it is listed very reasonably. You first have a free trial, and after satisfactory results, you buy once from three different packages.

1. Pro version Approx $70,

2. Pro+ Windows Pre-Installation Approx. $100

3. Pro+ Technician Approx. $300

The main advantage here is that you can upgrade to a better package.

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