CISDEM OCRWizard 4 Review – The Best Mac OCR Application

CISDEM is an innovative application developer mainly targeting the OS X platform. Cisdem’s OCRWizard is an Optical Character Recognition software for Mac users that allows you to edit any type of image or scanned the document without any hassle. Look back at all the times you needed to make a minor change in some document but you couldn’t because your document was in PDF or image format. All that is over now, and you have Cisdem to thank for it.

OCRWizard 4 is a revolutionary application that optically recognizes characters from PDF documents, scanned documents or even image files. It then converts them to searchable and editable popular file formats such as word documents, spreadsheets, e-Pub, HTML and many others.

We went through the software using it thoroughly and judged the application on the following key aspects.

OCR Engine

The best thing about this software is that it automatically marks different parts of the PDF or input image that you want to convert into different categories. These groups include text, tables, and images that are processed accordingly. For those users that prefer being extra precise, it even allows you to mark categories yourself. This can be a useful feature if you want to be really specific when it comes to conversion.

Supports All Kinds Of Formats

OCRWizard Review

Downloading a software and then finding out that the software does not support the file type you wanted to convert can be a huge bummer. OCRWizard completely understands that predicament and supports all popular image formats such as JPG, PNG and GIF and also and more than a few uncommon ones as well like RMP and TIFF.

It also allows you to convert them to not only standard file formats like DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, EPUB, and PDF but also RFTD, HTML, TEXT, ALTO, FB2, ODT, and PAGES.

Multiple Language Support

OCRWizard Review

OCRWizard supports and recognizes around 50 languages from around the globe. This way the software doesn’t just restrict you to English but you can work on many other languages quickly. This kind of versatility is what makes software worth every penny.

Content Recognition Modes

OCRWizard can recognize contacts from PDF documents and business cards and allows you to export data to Vcard or a CSV file directly. It can also add scanned contacts to your personal contacts, mail, messages and AirDrop. This is a convenient feature that minimizes effort and very efficiently keeps your contacts up to date.

Image Processing

OCRWizard is not only a very handy converter, but it also allows you to correct errors and distortions in the picture or file itself. You can easily make alterations in images such as rotating, cropping, inverting, adjusting brightness and sharpness, contrast and saturation.

MacOS Sierra Support

OCRWizard has been designed with the user experience as a top priority. The interface is very user-friendly. The software range of fantastic features such as full-screen support, drag and drop options, rotating, and easy deletion among others. The software is very intuitive i.e. it will be very easy to operate for MAC OS Sierra users.


OCRWizard Review 3

OCRwizard 4 is readily available online on Cisdem’s own website. A free trial version is also available here for users that what to try the application first before investing in it. License for this software depends on the number of machines you will use it on. License for a single machine is $59.99. If you want to use it on 2 Macs, it will cost you $79.99 while for 5 Macs it will cost $119.99 US dollars. The pricing is a little expensive considering other similar software in the market.


OCRWizard is easily available online for MacBook users, but no version of the software is available for Windows users. This eliminates more than half of a consumer base. This can also be a problem for users that use both machines as they can’t use the same software on all of their devices.


Cisdem’s OCRWizard is a wonderfully powerful Optical Character Recognition software. It combines a powerful OCR engine with an intuitive user interface. The application also gives its users a great amount of versatility to perform all functions that they may need. Using the software at no point did we feel the need for any more features. OCRWizard is a functionally complete software that is perfect for businesses of any size and scale or even personal use.

We only wish that the application was available for Windows users as well. The software although is great to use but a lot of users might not be able to afford it due to its high prices. If you can afford the software and own an Apple device as well Cisdem’s OCRWizard is a great and handy software to have.

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