Top 7 Best Dacs Under 1000: Powerful DACs

Are you in the market for a DAC? If so, you’ll want to check out our list of the 7 best DACs under 1000. We’ve done all the research for you and picked out the top contenders based on performance, features and value. So whether you’re looking for something basic or something more advanced, you’re sure to find what you need on our list.

We know that finding the right DAC can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best DACs under 1000. You’ll find something for everyone on this list, from basic models to more advanced options.

With so many great choices available, you may find it hard to decide which DAC is right for you. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you choose the perfect DAC based on your needs and budget.

Topping D70s MQA DAC AK4497 Bluetooth 5.0

Topping D70s is a digital-to-analog converter with Bluetooth 5.0, USB input and coaxial/optical/AES inputs. It also has RCA output for connection to amplifier or powered speakers. The built-in volume control function can achieve the volume adjustment from -99dB to 0dB; it will be much easier than before if you want to achieve the best sound quality.

The Topping D70s MQA DAC is a high-end digital-to-analog converter that supports up to PCM32bit768kHz and DSD512 native decoding. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection allows you to control the volume from your phone, tablet, or notebook. The use of the 2nd generation 16 core XMOS XU216 allows for quick and easy connection to a variety of devices.


  • It has USB Bluetooth input
  • Supports up to PCM32bit/768khz, DSD512 native and MQA decode. 
  • Availability of XLR or RCA outputs to meet different usage in multiple systems
  • Capable of providing 6 filter modes under PCM decoding


  • Sometimes, the playback of MQA files doesn’t work properly

GUSTARD DAC-X16 2 ES9068AS DAC Bluetooth 5.0

DAC ES9068AS is the world’s first to use the LDAC digital audio transmission protocol, supports 24bit/96KHz high-resolution music transmission, and can be compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. The DAC ES9068AS uses XMOS’s xCORE-200 series 16 core XU216 processor, supports native DSD and 32 bit PCM.

It is a high-end integrated digital audio player that supports MQA hardware rendering, and the first level of MQA decoding can be done automatically after the USB digital stream is expanded by the Gustard DAC-X16 2 ES9068AS. It also supports C0AX/ AES/OPT/IIS, and it can automatically initialize the tube amplifier after being detected. 

The power supply is AC 115V/230V 50/ 60Hz; USB input supported operating system: Win 11 32-64bit; macOS and Linux.


  • An excellent value at this price point
  • Uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • It has deep soundstage and depth to the music
  • Can hear more subtle details in the music now


  • The DAC may does not decode DSD as advertised 

Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M Stereo Digital 

The Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M is a high-quality digital to analogue converter. It supports MQA, which is an award-winning British technology that delivers studio-quality sound in a file small enough to stream. The DacMagic 200M also has a powerful processing unit and easy-connecting digital inputs.

It features dual ESS Sabre DAC converters that handle digital audio files up to 32bit/768kHz or DSD512. This allows you to connect a variety of digital audio systems and devices, including CD players, games consoles, laptops, and smartphones. 

Additionally, the Bluetooth aptX feature lets you wirelessly deliver files from your smartphone or tablet. The DacMagic 200M also has a powerful processing system that includes a pair of extremely high-quality ESS Sabre DAC converters. Overall, the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality DAC converter.


  • High quality, professional-grade conversion
  • Made for high fidelity audio recordings.
  • Powerful processing unit 
  • Supports MQA and aptX technology 
  • Bluetooth aptX lets you wirelessly deliver files from your smartphone or tablet 


  • None

Chord Mojo Black DAC/Headphone Amplifier

If you’re looking for an amazing DAC/headphone amplifier to take your audio listening experience up a notch, the Chord Mojo Black is definitely worth considering.

This powerhouse little device can play any audio file you can find, up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256, making it perfect for audiophiles or anyone who wants the best possible sound quality. It’s also incredibly easy to use – just connect it to your smartphone, PC, or Mac and you’re good to go. And thanks to its Li-Po technology, it can be fully charged in only four hours. 

Plus, with its two 3.5mm analogue outputs, you and a friend can enjoy your music together. The Chord Mojo Black is definitely an amazing DAC/headphone amplifier, perfect for anyone who wants to take their audio listening experience up a notch. The Mojo is fully automatic- it remembers its last used settings for when you next turn it on. And the best thing about the Mojo is that it comes with a twelve month warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Supports all audio formats up to 768kHz 32bit, and quad DSD 256
  • Automatic playback memory for use on startup
  • Two 3.5mm analogue outputs to share with a friend


  • May not be powerful enough for some high-end headphones
  • The 1 year warranty is short

RME ADI2DACFS Ultra-fidelity PCM/DSD

The RME ADI2DACFS Ultra-fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz 2-Channel DA Converter is a high-end DAC with professional quality.It has balanced/unbalanced analog I/Os, a powerful headphone output, low noise in-ear-monitor output, SteadyClock FS, USB compatibility that is class compliant and rates up to 768 kHz. The best digital to analog conversions are available with this DAC. It also has a simple feature set that makes it easy to operate.

It allows users who use in-ear-monitors to receive the full dynamic range on playback. Additionally, its ground noise floor is 10dB lower than the one of the Extreme Power output. 

After 10 seconds of no user operation, the AutoDark function activates the display, function keys, volume knob, and standby button; while pressing any button or control will turn all lights on for 10 seconds. The extended multi-remote has buttons that are clearly labeled for accessibility in any light condition.


  • Easy to operate
  • SteadyClock FS
  • Class compliant and rates up to 768 kHz
  • Ground noise floor is 10dB lower than the one of the Extreme Power output 


  • No MQA decoding 

NAD – D 3045 HybridDigital DAC/Amplifier

NAD’s D 3045 HybridDigital DAC/Amplifier is a great choice for users looking for an all-in-one solution for their audio needs. The unit features two 60W hybrid digital amplifiers, asynchronous USB 24/192 input supporting MQA and DSD, two-way Bluetooth powered by Qualcomm aptX HD audio, low-impedance headphone amplifier, and HDMI Audio Return Channel. 

The DAC also supports MQA and DSD, making it a great choice for users who want to take advantage of high-resolution audio. The two-way aptX HD Bluetooth allows users to easily stream music from their phone or tablet and connect wireless headphones. The unit also features a dedicated phono input for connecting a turntable, two Toslink optical inputs, 1 coax input, and one RCA input. Additionally the unit features a built-in headphone amp with 3.5mm mini-jack.

With its compact footprint this DAC is perfect for users looking for an all-in-one solution that will help them experience high quality audio without taking up a lot of space.


  • Two 60W hybrid digital amplifiers
  • The size is perfect for small spaces
  • Compact and low-profile design
  • Supports MQA and DSD
  • The controls are simple and easy to use


  • Slightly warm when in use
  • Terrible remote design

Sony UDA1/B Hi-Res USB DAC System for PC Audio

The Sony UDA1/B Hi-Res USB DAC System for PC Audio is a great way to get the most out of your music. It supports Hi-Res formats, so you can enjoy high-quality audio that sounds great. It also features analog FIR filters and a digital sound enhancement engine to provide a more natural sound with a spacious feel. Additionally, it has a large bandwidth Class AB amplifier for clear, high-quality sound reproduction. 

The Sony UDA1/B Hi-Res USB DAC System for PC Audio is a great way to improve the sound quality of your computer. Its large power source block capacitor ensures that you get the best possible sound quality, while its high-rigidity chassis structure ensures that it is solidly built and able to withstand everyday use. Additionally, its one-point ground structure helps to eliminate any left- or right-channel noise, resulting in a clear and dynamic sound.

Overall, the Sony UDA1/B Hi-Res USB DAC System for PC Audio is a great way to improve your music listening experience.


  • Has large bandwidth Class AB amplifier for clear, high-quality sound reproduction.
  • It supports Hi-Res formats which produces high quality sound 
  • The large bandwidth Class AB amplifier produces high quality sound reproduction 


  • The player software is too basic and even lacking


When looking for a DAC under 1000, it is important to consider what features are most important to you. If you want a DAC that supports Hi-Res formats and has a large bandwidth Class AB amplifier, then the Sony UDA1/B Hi-Res USB DAC System for PC Audio would be a great choice. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution with a compact design, then the NAD – Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M Stereo Digital would be a good option. Ultimately, the best DACs will offer great sound quality and provide an enjoyable listening experience. 

What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments.

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